Inland Empire Section Morning Meetup – Joint Meeting with Employee Engagement Advisory Council

Posted: Mar 05, 2018

  • April 19, 2018
    7:00 am - 9:10 am

Topic Employee Engagement – “Going Beyond Behavior Based Safety”

Imagine If More Employees Loved What They Do

So many organizations talk about how their people are their most valuable asset. But do their people actually feel valued?  The data says no.

According to research conducted by Gallup*, only 30% of employees in the U.S. are engaged with the organizations in which they work.  Gallup’s research reveals that 52% of employees are not engaged, while 18% are actively disengaged in the workplace.  In other words:

Most employees have already quit. They just haven’t told their employers yet.

Yes, people are the most valuable asset of any organization but, in reality, most organizational cultures do not live up those words.  In order to succeed and thrive, organizations must encourage and enable their employees to do so as well.  And in order for employees to thrive, they must first be fully engaged with their work and their workplace.

As part of the Employee Engagement Advisory Council effort, a pilot program has been launched by Monarch Risk Management, a leading advisor in leadership, employee engagement and aligning people with their organization’s core values.  Their motto is “Join. Advise. Engage.”  The Employee Engagement Council leads a collaborative initiative to help combat our nation’s low engagement epidemic toward building a committed and thriving workforce of people who love what they do.  This joint meeting serves this initiative.

At this ASSE IE meeting you will learn about the ways employees connect with their companies while improving organizational culture around safety and well-being.  To date, more than 6,000 employees nationwide have participated in the Pilot Program.  At this ASSE IE meeting you will hear about the results of the Pilot Program, creative employee exercises, the discussions and activities focused on employee engagement areas including Employee Safety that reduce both frequency of workplace injuries and increased employee productivity.  You will learn about the Gallup Q12 Employee Engagement Survey and its significant findings including the dramatic impact on measurable Safety Incidents.  This promises to be a “can’t miss” ASSE event!

Presenters – Facilitators
Joe Caracci, Founder & CEO
Gary Johnson, Partner & Leadership Consultant
Monarch Risk Management LP

This is a breakfast meeting that is FREE to the first 30 ASSE Inland Empire & LA members.
Not a member of ASSE LA?  Just $12 Cash/Check to “ASSE LA”

BCSP 0.1 Contact Hours – “Certificate of Attendance” issued to Attendees

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